The safety of the winter storage hall

Safety has played a key role at Hanko Boat Yard winter storage ever since the start.

The boat storage hall was built according to the highest safety standards. When a boat is serviced and stored in winter in the right way, it will serve you safely during the
boating season.

High-quality sprinklers and alarms

The boat storage hall has sensitive sprinklers and alarms, which will provide constant protection for your boat. The sprinklers are connected to a 240 m³ water tank. Sniffers
(smoke detectors) immediately send an alarm to the rescue authorities.


We have recording camera surveillance. A security company visits regularly, and an alarm is connected directly to it.

Gas bottle storage

Gas bottles are removed from the boat and safely stored at a specially designated location.

Access control

You can access your boat during the opening hours of Hanko Boat Yard.

Cooperation with insurance companies

Hanko Boat Yard has partnerships with Finland’s largest insurance companies.

Environmental safety

Hanko Boat Yard’s separate washing facility has sorting gullies so that all washing water is appropriately processed.

We use the Molok system to process waste. 

The recovery and removal of waste oil to a treatment plant are included in our service.

Temperature and ecology of hall

The winter storage hall is very ecological. It is mainly heated by geothermal heat stored under the hall in the summer. The hall temperature is +8° – +12 °C in winter
time. The maintenance hall and office facilities have additional heating.

The hall has low energy LED lighting.

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