Boatswain service

Boatswain service takes care of your boat

Many boat owners wish to hand over their boat at their own harbour for winter maintenance and storage. In this way, the new boating season begins with a well-stored,
maintained and inspected boat, docked in your own harbour at an agreed time. Hanko Boat Yard’s boatswain service offers all of this!

What is a boatswain?

A boatswain drive your boat to Hanko before the winter season begins, inspects the boat carefully during the trip, and makes suggestions for repairs and maintenance for
approval by the boat owner. In the spring, the boatswain ensures that things have been carried out as agreed, and then drive the boat to its home harbour.
Hanko Boat Yard’s boatswain service is carried out under strict supervision. The boatswain service helps the boat owner to focus on what’s more important; enjoying safe
sailing during Finland’s fantastic summer.