Our hall is suitable for winter storage of all boats

Our warm 10,000 m² hall is suitable for the winter storage of all types of boats. We store, for example, motorboats, sailboats and trailer boats.

Our docking equipment can handle boats up to 50+ feet long and, by special arrangement, even longer ones. The maximum draught is 2.2...2.4 metres and the maximum weight 38 tonnes. The maximum height is 8 metres.

The sea area around HBY usually freezes later than the bay in the inner archipelago, and the ice melts earlier in the spring = longer season!

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Acquiring a space

Rent or buy the space

The area of a space is determined according to the length and beam of the boat, adding half a metre to both the length and beam and multiplying the two numbers together.

Price of renting a space €89/m2 (incl. 24% VAT)
The resultant area is then multiplied by a price of €690/m to give the price of investing in buying a space.
Annual fee €24/m2

Check the calculator to see the cost of a space for your boat.


Also it is possible to store your boat very cheep in an outside field on a do-it-yourself principle.

Boat docking and launching

When docking a boat, we always clean the bottom in a separate boat washing facility. After that, we take the boat for winter storage in the hall.

Example prices

Boat length
(metres) m
Docking and bottom
7-7,99 250 € 200 €
10-10,99 380 € 340 €
12-12,99 610 € 570 €

Delta 54 launching video